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"We in Sussex County learned first hand what a caring and generous organization (BHB) is."

- Barbara Pierce, Ogdensberg Fire Department

"Brother to Brother, you are to be commended for your generosity and thoughtfulness"
- Garfield Fire Company #3

Brothers Helping BrothersIn the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster, the members of the Monroe Township Fire Company #1 mobilized an effort to aid the families who suffered the loss of loved ones in NYC.  Brothers Helping Brothers initial efforts successfully raised $90,000 for the fire service families affected by September 11th.

It became our desire to have the money that was raised given directly to families of FDNY firefighters lost on 9-11.  Approximately $70,000 was given to families that received no other direct funding due to divorce or improper paperwork.  $20,000 was given to the Engine 6 Memorial Fund, and was used to purchase a van to transport firefighters families to various appointments.

Our ability to work directly with the firefighters from FDNY has lead to lasting relationships that continue to this day.  Our friends at FDNY continue to be among the biggest supporters of Brothers Helpings Brothers.

In 2002, the volunteers of Brothers Helping Brothers decided to make this fund permanent. Since then, we have dedicated our efforts & funds to New Jersey Firefighters.